Aurea Hamburger Machines

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Aurea Hamburger Machines

IIdeal for butchers, meat departments in supermarkets, large kitchens and catering companies; Aurea Burgermachine is perfect for preparing meatballs or hamburgers in the perfect form for direct use of fresh meat.

Robustness and Reliability

The machine is compact and composed of parts that do not require preventive maintenace. Ventilated motor, hopper, and mixing group are constructed entirely of sainless steel.


Hopper capacity is 15 liters assuring a continous and silent production. The machine doesn't need any special installation and requires just one single operator to work.

Aurea Burger
Aurea burgermaskine PH85
Here is a freshly pressed hamburger.

Automatic Hamburger Machine

Single-phase: Power 370W 0.5Hp 230V 50Hz.
Three-phase: Power 370W 0.5Hp 230/400V 50Hz.
Version: Hamburger and meatball, automatic stainless steel turntable AISI304.
Production: Max 1200 units per hour for burgers and 2400 units per hour for meatballs.
Adjusting weight: from 10 to 240 grams of father, depending on the disc you are using.
Tank Capacitet: 15 liter stainless steel tank and fittings with safety device for when the machine is switched on.
Press: In stainless steel that can be removed.
Motor: Asynchronous and ventilated.
Machine Protection Level: IP55
Dimension: 290 L x 450 D x 720 H mm.
Weight: 47 kg.

Moulding Disk ph85 for 40mm meatballs

Aurea Moulding Disk ph85 for 40mm meatballs

Moulding Disk ph85 for 90mm burgers

Aurea Moulding Disk ph85 for 90mm burgers

Moulding Disk ph85 for 98mm burgers

Aurea Moulding Disk ph85 for 98mm burgers

Automatic Hamburger
Machine PH85

Aurea Automatc Hamburger Machine PH85
Models PH85
Net Weightkg6,5
Dimensionsmm290 L
450 D
720 H
Power UsageSingle Phase
Tripple Phase
370W 0.5Hp 230V 50Hz
370W 0.5Hp 230/400V 50Hz
Ordering NumberSingle Phase
Tripple Phase