• Granite & Marble Tables

Now everyone can afford to install a beautiful granite & marble tables.

Professional pizza mini oven for private use. 400 C.

Max 500 degrees Celsius baking.

Advance Food Preperation Equipment

Rotating Plate Electrical Oven

Preparation Equipment & Table slabs

Granite & Marble Tables

Dough Rounders

Dough Dividers

Dividers & Rounders

Dough Rolling Pin

Spiral Mixers FA
18, 25, 38 kg

Spiral Mixers FX
60 Kg

Spiral Mixers RB
30 & 40 kg

Spiral Mixer RVEs
20 kg (26 liter).

PF/35 PF/46 & PF/50

33/MT and 45/MTE

Gas Ovens

Gas Oven

Pizza Gas Oven

HV 50 G

HV 75 G

Electric Ovens

Rotary Pizza Oven

Modular Pizzeria Oven

Tunnel Oven
TL 105L - 108L

HV 45 E

HV 50 E

HV 75 E

Pizza Oven

Universal Pizza Oven

Domitor Pizza Oven
Compact & Modular

Countertop Oven

Countertop Oven

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OEM Pizzasystem – We Meet Your Expectations

OEM Pizzasystem produces machines for restaurants all the world over. Our systems and products are fully tested to assure you a safe, secure, and stable operation for your restaurant.

The Danish distributor supplies the machines directly from the factory, we deliver directly to the restaurant, we supply refrigerators, work tables and high quality refrigerators. We assemble complete kitchens for your restaurants with all equipment delivered ready for use. All at a reasonable price.

Restaurant Outfitting

Our experience means that we can offer complete restaurant solutions for outfitting of your kitchen and restaurant.

We are a team of consultants, technicians, craftsmen who handle everything in the field of masonry, tile and carpentry; ventilation, heat exchangers, refrigerators and compressors; refrigerators and refrigerators, stainless steel work tables made after your measurements. We also provide furniture, tableware and table top plates in granite and marble (cut and worked here in Denmark by our team) for your restaurant, along with complete technical documentation of system installations.

The client approves the drawn plans and photos of furniture, tables, tiles and granite.

OEM Pizzasystem

We offer you the following:


  1. Floor plan and interior design with an emphasis on optimization of the sales potential of your restaurant.
  2. An administrative service indicating business earnings.
  3. A complete evaluation of your investment.
  4. Our system also provide you with a marketing plan as well as follow-up support.

Technical service

  1. Optimization of food handling for factory production.
  2. A hotline for any service related inquires.
  3. Technical service.
  4. 10 year spare parts warranty.

IT and machine service

  1. An efficient user service.
  2. Ongoing update of software and system parts.