Sanitary Serving Trays & Food Boxes

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Pizzacases Serving Trays & Good Boxes

Serving trays and food boxes in sanitary material for food, boxes for dishwashers for glass and service and racks for stacking.
Trays and boxes are supplied in sanitary standard or according to customer specifications.

We take used goods back for recycling.


  • Withstands temperatures up to +85 degrees
  • Resistant to chemistry, scratch resistant, EU approved.
  • Standards from stock for fast delivery.
  • Personal restaurant logos and symbols can be embossed into trays and boxes.
  • The color chart shows the possibilities of putting together the restaurant's own color combination without additional cost.

If you are interested in our plastic trays and boxes, you can use the contact form below to contact us.

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Serving Trays

Gazelco | Pizzacases | Serving Trays in classic design

Serving Trays in classic design

Gazelco | Pizzacases | Serving Trays in ergonomic design

Serving Trays in ergonomic design

Gazelco | Pizzacases | Color choice

Color choice - see color codes

Sanitary Plastics Pizza Cases for Dough

Gazelco | Pizzacases | Pizza dough boxes

Pizza dough boxes

Gazelco | Pizzacases | Pizza dough boxes Colors

Pizza dough boxes Colors

Gazelco | Pizzacases plastbakker | Pizza dough boxes Accessories

Pizza dough boxes Accessories

Dishwasher Boxes & Serving Trays

Gazelco | Pizzacases plastbakker | Dishwasher boxes

Dishwasher boxes

Dishwasher Boxes Glass

Gazelco | Pizzacases plastbakker | Plastic Dishwasher Boxes

Plastic Dishwasher Boxes

Gazelco | Pizzacases plastbakker | Dishwasher Boxes in use

Dishwasher Boxes in use

Gazelco | Pizzacases plastbakker | Drinking Glass Meassurements

Drinking Glass Meassurements

Stacking Racks On Wheels

Gazelco | Pizzacases plastbakker | racks