OEM Dough Rounders AS/T

OEM Dough Rounders AS/T

Can shape up to 1000-1200 pieces of dough over an hour

Rounds off the pieces of dough according to the requires weight (from 50 to 300 g), guaranteeing a round, compact ball. Small compact, it can be placed anywhere and is very user friendly: our rounder greatly aids your work as you can enter piece of dough every 3 seconds!

NOTE: Remember to choose the round plate size when ordering a bowl.

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Product Specifications

OEM Pizzasystem DK - Dough Rounders AS/T specifications
All measurements for the OEM Dough Rounders AS/T is in cm
Dough Rounders AS/T
Outside Dimensions: L x D x H 57 x 61 x 50
kW/Max - Volt 0,37 - 400~3N
Dough Capacity: -
Net Weight: 76 Kg

OEM Pizzasystem - Dough Dividers AS/T Dejplade

Net Weight per bun Gram 50/70 60/100 90/130 120/160 150/190 180/220

OEM Pizzasystem - Dough Dividers and Dough Rounder table

Outside Dimensions: L x D x H CM 53 x 57 x 85

Four wheels (2 with breaks). OEM Pizzasystem - Hjul