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OEM Pizzasystem DK

OEM Pizzasystem DK offers your kitchen a complete set of dough dividers, dough rounders, combined Dough dividers og dough rounders, and a Pizza dough rolling pin machine.

As well as a large selection of spiral mixers:
Spiral Mixers serie FA
Spiral Mixers serie FX
Spiral Mixer series RB
Spiral Mixers series RVE



Pressform 33/MT og 45/MTE as well as Pressform PF/350 PF/500 from OEM Pizzasystem

OPS: The dough must be room temperature and be taken out of the cold room at least 3 hours before it is used in the Pressform.

See 33/MT og 45/MTE here and See Pizzaformer PF/350 PF/500 here

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